Algorithmic trading is BOOMING
More than three fourths of all trading volume is automated.

Opening the first D-Forex Investors Club.
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75% of all trading volume is automated

Algorithmic Trading


Algorithmic trading is BOOMING
More than three fourths of all trading volume is automated.
Forex is the biggest financial market in the world, with some $4 trillion traded each day. While it is dominated by big banks, corporations and private investment funds, the retail segment is the fastest-growing. More than three fourths of all trading volume is automated, driven by program traders, electronic market makers and computerized speculators.


Sky high fees

The Problem – Institutional vs. Retail
The retail investors  are being left out for better investor opportunities.

Retail investors experience a disadvantage due to a fragmented and complex financial market, mainly dominated by institutional investors (like banks, insurance companies) that invest millions in the development of algorithms and now running over 80% of operations while charging sky high fees for the purpose of generating their profits.

The retail investors are being left out for better investor opportunities.


Access to World's 1st Class Algorithms

Opening the D-Forex Investors Club
Get invited and access World’s 1st Class Algorithms.

At D-Forex, we empower retail investors with leading and Award-winning Algorithms developed to execute profitable derivatives within milliseconds or even microseconds.

After the success of our algorithms within the market of Forex signal service providers, we are moving forward on the path towards democratization of alternative investment and trading derivatives. We created the first unconventional Fund, governed as a private company.

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The single greatest instrument of change in today’s business world, is the advancement of mathematical algorithms and their related sophisticated software.

FORTUNE | Feb 2015

Beautifully crafted algorithms

Features powerful, finely tuned algorithms, freeing you to focus on what truly matters.

Risk filters

Operate with a strict set of risk filters, offering scalability (Money Manager)

Breaking News

Hold transactions at times were technical analysis might be distorted.

24 Hours - 6 days a week

Take positions in the market based on statistical parameters and technical analysis, 24 hours, 6 days a week.

Manage multiple strategies

Work with 8 different strategies in a single robot. Set strategies or indicators to automate trading.

AI Robot

When there is a market crash, our robot does not get emotional neither tired.

Take a break

Our robots operate completely automatically. You can take a break while our robots execute your strategy.

Staying ahead of the competition

Real Trades, Real Accounts, Real Money.

Offering  Hard proof & Transparency
Real-time daily results.

While others just display back-tested trading results on their websites, D-Forex shows you real-time daily results, as simple as that.

The robot can be operated from any computer or mobile device.
Permitting traders being involved in the automated trade markets within seconds.

MyFxBook Results

No more hyping up the profitability of auto trading products. We provide real time results. 

Bye Bye Commissions

No start-up costs, No Commision Fees, No % of your profits

D-Forex Club

Free Online Access – No Startup Costs

Free use of D-forex Robot, driven by Award-Winning algorithms.

 No start-up costs, No Commision Fees, No % of your profits.

How we survive?

We are being payed by the broker.

 Let us whipe away unnecessary fees and commissions.     Juan Amo, CEO

Meet our TEAM

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Juan Amo
CEO | Engineer 


Paco Orón
CTO | Engineer


Walter Pastor
CMO | Engineer


Javier Gil
CCO | Lawyer

Lightning-fast trade execution for individuals to buy and sell on the forex spot market.


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Free access to exclusive award-winning algorithms and the variables optimized by our team.

D-Forex Investors Club aims to generate a 30% profit annually, empowered by algorithmic trading.

D-Forex robots; Forex transactions within milliseconds or even microseconds. You are invited to Join the D-Forex Investors Club.

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